Wood Slab Table Showroom | Buffalo NY | Live Edge Refined

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We recently opened our first ever showroom. Previously we’d operated out of our fabrication shop and milling site, so to move into an actual wood slab table showroom has been exciting to say the least. That said, we’ve met with numerous clients from Rochester to the Buffalo, NY region (not to mention, some from out of state). What we’ve discovered in talking to these customers is that Live Edge Refined hasn’t merely created a showroom, but a gallery of sorts.

Wood Slab Showroom VS. Gallery: What’s the Difference?

We wondered the same thing, but then we really started to explore this concept of wood slab table showroom versus gallery. When you think gallery, you inevitably think art, you conjure a place where you would go to look at interesting pieces and appreciate their beauty. And while a showroom to some extent serves a similar purpose—it seems to be more about staging for the purposes of selling.

You could say that we’re striving for that balance between the two: we want our customers be they from Buffalo or wherever, to come in and fall in love with the inherent beauty of our wood slab tables and vanities and of course, if they want to have a piece designed we can certainly accommodate.

Wood Slabs Tables Done Different in Buffalo, NY

Many of our Buffalo based clients have commented on how truly different Live Edge Refined is. And that is because we’re not just churning out wood slab tables, rather we take pride in the uniqueness of our pieces, their artistry. Our gallery—and yeah, gallery works—is about showing clients how an otherwise discarded piece of wood or wood slab can be transformed.
With a seemingly endless stock of fallen trees, we can make anything you might envision. Very often we will have customers come from Buffalo to choose their specific log which will then be turned into a table or bench or countertop that truly does become the centerpiece of any room.