Jesse & Joshua Phelps

Jesse Phelps, got his start in construction at a very early age. This means he’s essentially been building things all his life. You could say that construction and craftsmanship are his calling. But his passion has always been working with trees and timber. He thus founded Live Edge Refined in 2010 (originally named TimberKrete).

Jesse’s vision was to take wood slabs and create legacy pieces from them. These would be pieces that families could have for generations to come. Far more than just a “dining table” or “kitchen island,” the wood slab and live edge furniture that Jesse and company have been building are truly works of art.

Josh Phelps represents the next generation of Live Edge Refined. Following in his father’s footsteps, Josh is looking to continue the tradition of this furniture making company. Leading the marketing and sales side of things, Josh is steadily learning everything there is to know about the timber that his father has dedicated his life to transforming into spectacular dining tables, live edge counters, wood slab desks and more.